birbs…who gives a hoot?

so…birds. what about them? where do I begin to explain the compelling, attractive nature of these creatures? can I?

it all started with a mug. nestled behind a slew of mugs emblazoned with company names that probably bit the dust just after they were screened onto identical ceramic fistfuls,  sat an off white mug with a delicate lip and a ring-necked pheasant painted on both sides. by hand. not by a machine. 25¢ seemed more than fair, and I paid at the counter.

this mug travelled with me everywhere. the handle broke off so I superglued it back on. the glaze chipped, so I drink from the other side. now it sits in my cupboard next to two other bird mugs that don’t quite measure up, but come damn near close.

I often ask myself if I actually like birds, the animal, or birds, the ornament. I haven’t quite been able to reach a consensus, but for now, I will continue to add to my collection of bird themed objects. my room is chock-full of them. here’s a gallery featuring images of the birds scattered round my room !!!

ya bird binch,



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