default gifts — what’s yours?

hey birders (can I call you bird brains?),

ok but really, bird brain is a term of endearment.

anywho, today I went thrifting with my GMa Julie and my aunt Esther — both of whom are total thrift nuts and could spend hours looking at knitting books and mags. during our excursion to Portland’s grimy bins and a nice (?) Goodwill, I was presented with many-a-bird-themed items. my aunt posed the idea that I will forever receive bird gifts, even in ten years when I’m totally over birds (it pains me to say this).

my grandpa will always get crossword puzzles, my brother will forever receive rubix cubes, and my dad will  always have more socks and undershirts than anyone else (because what else do you get a middle aged man who doesn’t like to read or sport?).

and so I’d like to pose the question to you too, bird brains — what is your default gift? is it the origami books you liked when you were 12 but haven’t touched in 5 years? or is it the film cameras you wanted to like but never really wanted to learn how to use and now you have 7 of them but you don’t know how tf to load film? do tell! I hope you have a strange clutter of weird gifts scattered about your room as well!

ya bird binch,



4 thoughts on “default gifts — what’s yours?

  1. Horse mugs. I rode horses growing up and since my relatives weren’t about to go buy me a horse they all somehow settled on corny horse mugs without ever conspiring together. My kitchen cupboards are filled with them.


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