back on my bird Game


hi birders,

this is an old photo of me (c. 2015?) from around the time I began this blog. quite a bit has changed I suppose, mostly the color of my hair but also I graduated college and have moved around quite a bit but somehow ended up where I was–back in Washington. I still have birds strewn around my room. one is perched on top of the mirror I peer into every morning while I get ready. I’ve toned it down, though. I still follow @ProBirdsRights (yikes is that twitter handle a little insensitive? idk. maybe) and that bird still loves croissants, but mostly it loves spaghetti now.

n e way ….. this birder is making a lot of jewelry (birds like shiny things) and is putting away lots of books. good to check back in. will try to collect bird things in my life again and post about them here.

for now, farewell, and chirp off,



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