binch / twigs

the binch = me, Jocelyn, an angel, a force to be reckoned with


the twigs of this nest will come from a conglomeration of media types, ranging from videos to mod podge collages to pictures of birds doing people things to documentation of the bird wake I once held

just expect lotsa bird stuff and nestle on in


One thought on “binch / twigs

  1. Hey Jocelyn! This is coming together very nicely! A clean look, with the dark header and two frames, and a clear strong voice, done with a distinctive style (lower case, acronyms, colloquialisms, etc.) that dovetails (sorry) well with look and voice and subject. All that is to say, it feels like a unified whole, it has integrity, vision.

    One place it’s not looking so clean is the bottom of the page where the widgets be. Your call of course but need all those?

    Looks like you have the Meta widget running on your About page … suggest you delete it.

    Love the circle gallery in the “who gives a hoot” post.

    What I like best here is you’re really asking questions. WHY do I like birds? IS it birds I like or images of birds? Etc. In the spirit of creative non-fiction, which blogging is. And birds seem to be a good compost locus for you, a good meeting point.

    Scrutinize any paragraph longer than 4 lines. What can be cut from it? (By the way I always, when writing a post, move back and forth between the HTML editor and the preview, so I can see what it’ll look like on the actual blog page.)

    Make your links as considerate as they can be. Wouldn’t linking the screen shot to the YouTube video be more helpful than linking the bird’s name to it?

    Looking forward to reading further …


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